Providing Comprehensive Investigation Services


About Us

HSM Consulting Inc. has a team of highly trained experts who work all over the US and the Cayman Islands. We provide services in areas such as:

  • Fire Investigations
  • Insurance
  • K9 Detection
  • Law Enforcement

We provide a viable, alternative, and neutral third-party inspection and identify reasons for subrogation. If litigation is necessary, we are available for everything: from case preparation to expert testimony. Our experts are court qualified in the US and in the English judicial system of the Cayman Islands.

What We Do

Our team will assist you in a logical, intelligent, competent, and cost-effective manner to minimize loss exposure. Additionally, we can help with loss exposure management and make recommendations on how to best handle liability exposures. Some of the other services we offer include:

  • Origin and Cause Fire Investigation, Reconstruction, Animated Modeling, and Diagramming – All Structures, All Vehicles, All Vessels, and Equipment (Including Product Liability)

  • Infrared and Thermal Imaging

  • K9 Detection – Accelerants and Explosives, Narcotics, Mold, and Termites

  • Mitigation Inspections

  • Private Investigation Services

  • Continuing Education Credits

  • Accident Investigation, Reconstruction, Animated Modeling, and Diagramming – All Structures, All Vehicles, All Vessels, and Equipment (Including CDR Black Box)

  • Automated Driving System (ADS) Evaluation

  • Aerial Photography

  • Basic Mechanical Inspections

  • Child Safety Seat Installation and Verification (National Highway Traffic Safety Administrator (NHTSA) Chapter Author)

  • Theft and Recovery Inspections, Including Forensic Lock Exams – All Structures, All Vehicles, All Vessels and Equipment

  • Roof, Tile, and Construction Examinations

  • Security Contractor Evaluation

  • Slip and Falls

  • Underwriting Inspections and Evaluations

Let Us Handle The Work

We take the file from start to the courtroom and beyond. Our reports are produced with clear and concise documentation in an easy-to-read format. You can expect us to be an impartial third party who can help shed light in different cases—all at reasonable rates. Our certified investigators have extensive backgrounds and have built good relationships with other experts in their field.

Why Employ A Forensic Investigator?

With the volume of insurance claims that occur each year, it is necessary to determine if these situations have truthfully occurred and to pinpoint the cause. This is so that, ultimately, liability can be established. HSM Consulting Inc.’s forensic investigators can help achieve this by:

  • Establishing the cause of a fire, whether it’s because of a manufacturing defect, poor servicing or repair, or arson.
  • Investigating the suspicion of a fraudulent insurance claim.
  • Examining and identifying subrogation potential, as in product liability, manufacturing defect, poor servicing, or repair.
  • Performing forensic lock analysis to see if a vehicle's locks and other systems have been bypassed as well as to find out if a vehicle has been stolen.

Examination, Investigation, And/Or Assignment

Our company’s consulting experts will arrive on site as quickly as possible after the assignment is received to ensure as little spoliation as possible. We can do interviews and obtain statements from witnesses as well.

Documentation, investigation, and analysis will provide the client with the necessary data for potential subrogation, liabilities, risk exposures, and incendiary causes.

Vehicle Investigation

Our knowledgeable experts have the specialized knowledge required to thoroughly investigate vehicle mechanical failures and machinery fires. Vehicle mechanical/recovered theft examination (burned or unburned) includes:

  • Site Exam
  • Processing and Analysis of Vehicle
  • Examination of Steering Column for Evidence of Force or Bypass
  • Examination of Ignition Lock (Internal and External)
  • Inspection of Vehicle for Existing Damage and Prior or Repaired Damages
  • Identification of Failed or Damaged Components
  • Search in Recall Database
  • Use of Accelerant Detection Canines (ADC), If Necessary

Background Checks

HSM Consulting Inc. provides comprehensive background checks nationwide, which takes into account everything you need to know. This includes:

  • Names
  • Addresses and Phone Numbers
  • Criminal Records
  • Assets
  • Motor Vehicle Records
  • Marriages and Divorces